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Kitchen Knives

Everything you wanted to know about Kitchen Knives but were afraid to ask.

Knives For The Kitchen - we hope this site will be a reference point for all of your kitchen knife questions. Quite simply we will attempt to discuss, illustrate, and explain all things related to kitchen knives and their uses.

Some of the basic topics will include the various materials of construction used in manufacturing blades and handles. We will give explanations about stainless steel, carbon steel, ceramic, titanium, and other materials used to produce blades. We will illustrate and explain the different types of knife blades and styles and their general use. We will delve into information and illustration on kitchen knife sharpening; how to sharpen, the most common edge angles, the most popular sharpening devices, and how to use them. We will also address the proper care and maintenance of the blade steel, edge, and handles.

Since most all kitchen knives come into contact with cutting boards on a regular basis, we will discuss the various cutting board materials, and their use and proper care. The choice of a proper cutting board is essential in keeping your knife edge sharp. We have definite ideas about cutting boards as they pertain to your kitchen knives, and will give not only information and reference, but our opinion as well.